ACTion™ Block Pain pump offers a continuous, stable delivery of local anesthetic solution to the nerve block catheter and enables the anesthesiologist to tailor the infusion strategy to best match each individual patient’s unique pain needs throughout the course of treatment. Offers a flow consistency of +/- 5% & LATEX FREE!

The Ambu® ACTion™ Block Pump is a disposable pain pump designed to give consistent, customized and non-narcotic pain therapy through a continuous peripheral nerve block catheter. The ability to easily change the infusion strategy throughout the therapy is a major advantage of the Ambu® ACTion Block Pain Pump system over other pain therapy alternatives. Ambu ACTion Block Pain Pump is intended to be used in hospitals, alternative care sites and at home. Ambu ACTion Block Pain Pump consists of two components; Compression Unit (reservoir) and ACTion Block Pain Pump Set(regulating set), each comes in a separate sterile package.

Fill to Any Volume, Refill or Replace & Latex FREE

ACTion™ Block Pain Pump can be filled to any volume between 50-650 ml to achieve the desired post-operative pain therapy duration.
Refill or Replace
When needed, refill the reservoir with additional medication. Alternatively, replace the reservoir with a pre-filled reservoir while leaving the catheter and regulating set in place.
• Minimize inventory needs and increase overall hospital cost savings
• Extend the therapy when needed
• Achieve intended duration of therapy when flow rates are changed
• Dilute concentration as pain subsides
• Added patient safety by always leaving the catheter connection secure
Pre-fill Option
ACTion™ Block Pain Pump provides the longest advanced filling shelf life of any elastomeric pump on the market. ACTion™ Block Pain Pump provides a shelf life up to 45 days compared to the 30 day industry standard.

Note: Rx Only
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