Step 1: Needle Placement

Skin Puncture
No need to create additional entry points for the needle – the well-known SonoPlex needle bevel configuration and the NanoLine coating allow for easy skin puncture and smooth tissue gliding1.

No change in insertion technique – the FixClip keeps the needle/indwelling catheter assembly tightly in place allowing for easy one-handed redirection and withdrawal while holding the needle by the hub1.
Ultrasound- or Dual-Guided
Ultrasound-guided or Dual-guided single-shot like needle placement.
Needle Visibility
Prime needle/indwelling catheter assembly for improved U/S-visibility of needle.
Needle Removal
Place needle tip in the desired position and administer initial bolus. Remove the needle by twisting it 90 degrees to either left or right. The indwelling catheter (green hub) remains in place for subsequent E-Catheter placement.
1 When compared to competitive CON systems

SonoPlex Needle With Indwelling Catheter

Step 2: Catheter Placement

Introduce E-Catheter into indwelling catheter (green hub).

The E-Catheter can be placed one-handed without need for assistance, allowing for continuous ultrasound position control.
Catheter Visibility
Prime E-Catheter with local anesthetic for improved ultrasound visibility.

Post-op catheter position confirmation: Inject local anesthetic to improve catheter visibility under ultrasound.
Integrated Tubing
No need for additional catheter adapters/connectors. Just tighten the Luer-Lock connection to the hub of the indwelling catheter.
Fixate catheter assembly to patient´s skin using the provided FixoCath fixation device. See video for application details.

E-Catheter with Indwelling Catheter

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